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  Study guitar  

  with Lloyd Gregory  


My students include everyone: 

Beginners • Intermediate • Professionals  

If you aren't sure where you are on that continuum, give me a call:  510-860-1831‬

  What People Say  

Lloyd Gregory unlocks musical concepts, by making them simple to digest. Lloyd's easy-going demeanor guides students on a journey of life through music, enjoyable with every foundational step.  — Steve Grevious

Lloyd has been teaching my son, who's now 15, for the past three years, both on an individual basis and in a group format. During that time, Lloyd's become more than a teacher to my son. He's a mentor. My son and I met Lloyd almost on accident, which is to say we knew nothing of his prowess or reputation as a musician. I simply recognized that he has a tremendous heart. More than that, Lloyd has keen insight into the needs of people who feel driven to make music.  I highly recommend Lloyd Gregory to anyone looking to deepen their guitar studies, whatever their preferred style of music.  — Ken S., Oakland, October 2020 

Lloyd Gregory is a treasure trove of musical knowledge; and one that has a unique style of teaching.  Whether you're at an advanced or beginner level, Lloyd will take you to the next level.  — Reggie Black

Lloyd Gregory, known as the Wes Montgomery of the 21st Century, teaches children with impeccable professionalism, an abundance of nurture and care, and an enormous amount of Mastery.  — Rev. Donnell Jones


Lloyd has been a diligent and caring teacher to our daughter for years. She has learned so much about music from him, and he has taught her guitar musicianship. Her success reflects Lloyd's teaching and efforts to help her understand her role in music as a whole.  — Katy Brown


Thank you for the pleasure and privilege to receive your knowledge; you give me the most satisfying music teaching I've ever had.  — Eliot Miranda

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